About Anti-Malvertising.com

The world of online advertising, like the offline world, is a dynamic environment that contains a diverse mix of people with different goals—both good and bad. This website focuses on malvertising (the threat of malware being distributed through advertising) and how you can help prevent it.

Our Mission
Google's Anti-Malvertising Team created this site to help individuals and businesses make better-informed decisions to protect against cybercriminal threats. Our team's mission is to prevent malvertising in Google and partner ad properties. As part of our outreach work to benefit the online advertising industry as a whole, we've designed the educational materials on this site to be relevant to all web publishers, ad operations teams, and Internet users.

Make a Commitment
Gain a clearer understanding of web security risks and take the reasonable precautions necessary to help mitigate them. Making this commitment benefits your business, your customers, and the broader online community. 

Trust Carefully
Pay close attention to all prospective partners, advertisers, agencies, and ad networks you might work with. By asking these parties the right questions, you will demonstrate your commitment to users' safety and strengthen your own reputation in the community.

Join The Conversation
If you're interested in learning about others' experiences in this area and have tips to share or specific questions on this topic, please join the Google Groups mailing list focused on anti-malvertising. If you've had an experience with malware of any kind (whether distributed via advertising or other means), visit BadwareBusters.org to share your story and StaySafeOnline.org to review the Top 8 Cyber Security Practices.